Hair Cut

Hair Cut

We are able to offer a wide variety of styles at G Clarke's Barbers, and all of our staff are trained to carry out your cut to an extremely high standard. All haircuts include:

  • Thorough consultation to determine your desired style, and advice given where required
  • Professional cut and finish by our skilled barbers
  • Use of quality styling products to enhance your cut when needed
  • Advice on suitable products to help care for and enhance your look at home
  • Cut-throat razor neck shave if desired

We are also able to offer a wash & cut service for when you want to give your hair a freshen up, to clear excess product before cutting or even for an extra bit of relaxation! Your hair will be washed with our G Clarke's Barbers Tea Tree Shampoo for extra freshness!

Beard Trim and Shape

Beard Trim and Shape

A beard is not a real beard without being given proper care and attention! At G Clarke's Barbers we are able to fine tune your facial hair - from a quick once over with the clippers to a full beard shaping and line-up with a straight razor, we can transform you from an untamed rogue to a sophisticated gentleman in no time! We also stock beard care products to help you maximise your beardiness and care for your facial hair!

Hot Towel Shave

Hot Towel Shave

With our hot towel shave you will be gowned, we will then have a very close look at your face and shave area to ensure we can give you a good quality experience and close shave. We will go through a consultation with you to ask all the relevant questions for your own comfort and to establish if you have any allergies to products, irritations when you shave at home and also give good advice on maintaining your skin condition so you can have a much more pleasurable experience with us during your shave and know you’re in safe hands.

We will lean you back in our comfortable barber’s chair and prepare you for shaving - we will wash your face with the best products available for your skin type (this ensures your skin is well prepared), then continue with some nice, relaxing, scented hot towels to open your pores for a closer shave, which is very relaxing. Then, using the best available oils and shaving soap we will lather you up and proceed with the shave, going with the grain to ensure no irritation occurs.

Once the first shave is done we will reapply more hot towels to prep your face for your second shave (this ensures you get a nice close shave and no hair is missed).

We then continue with a refreshing face cleanser to clean away any excess soap or oil and use a cold towel to close the pores, then massage your full face with a rich moisturiser.

Next we will sit you up and shave the nape of your neck and massage your neck, head and shoulders for the full relaxing treatment. 

Finally you will be asked if you would like any aftershave (we have a selection available) leaving you feeling fresh, relaxed and like a new man! (by appointment only).

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